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Monday, 18 January 2016

UITM Night scene


Now! 11.28pm and im still wide-awake, and tomorrow i have group presentation for Usul Fiqh Subject, always keep me in your prayers, yah! Yah.. i just want to share with all of you how i feel during this second semester. Most of subject that i need to taken, i've chose to be a first member who need to present. And of course, i need to take fastest action to settle all the tasks given.

Allahu !

That was so tiring! sometimes i cant do it all, in one time. But i've another way how to release all this burden and how to not easily give up! You want to know?

1) Always tajdid (renew) you niat
2) Always remind yourself, this ilmu is for ukhrawi too. It all goes to pahala. Dont set it your mind "I want to get 4 flat for every semester". Please avoid it. It will crash your main moto - for the sake of Allah
3) Take a rest. Dont push yourself, you'll get dizzy on the other day.

So. What im gonna do if i found myself too sleepy during my assessments?

Simple . Easy .

Open your curtain and window's room and take a smooth breath. Inshaallah, You'll back to normal and will start your assessments with more energy in your body.

What you waiting for?? Do it now!!

look! the scene outside is very beautiful and full of light! Saya Suka.

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