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Friday, 25 October 2013

SMA is around the corner

Helow sisters and brothers out there , who come to visit my ugly blog :'( huhu nanes.

Actually i'm posting this entry to tell to everyone that my SMA just around the corner.
Why this year feel like our time flies so fast.
Rasa macam semalam baru start sekolah * k tipu tipu*

Ya Allah , ease everything for us. Ease every single thing that we through in this world.
Everything is in Your hand.
Ya Allah . I hope my friend and I will achieve successful in SMA also Akhirah . that is most important.

About 2 week I;ll through SMA . One of among big examination selain UPSR, PMR , PSRA !
Ya Allah , when I think about this SMA , One thing across in my mind.. This is reality or fantasy ?
This is SMA . this exam is different with other exam . FeqahTauhid,TafsirHadith,Tarikh islam,Bahasa Arah nahu sarah,Bahasa arab mutolaah wa balaghah.

My ustazah always remind us . SMA is very important. This is about akhirat !
I'm veru grateful because Allah choose me to enter in sekolah agama .
thousand people out there who want to go to sekolah agama but not there, but me ?
My mom push me to go to sekolah agama, and alhamdulillah .. this is call " barakah ".
Listen to your mom . Allah will love you .

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