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Sunday, 17 November 2013

24 steps

Assalamualaikum . Bismillah .

Just now i'd found something that really really make me want to share to all.
This is very benefical and dont waste your time pun kalau baca or follow.
Well well . Just see around you , dont you notice that every day . almost 50% muslimah use to cover their aurah and try to learn more about deep islam.

So yeah ! Become a strong muslim .
I'm not perfect . Everyday i commit a sin . sometimes i make same mistake twice .
This is very DANGEROUS ! . sometime when i was awake. at 12 or 2. i grab these opportunity to think a little think about WHY we make mistakes eventhough we ever do that before . WHY WHY !

I still can't get the answer . yeay ! we have 1000 problems but Allah has 1000 000 answers for that.
Around 8 p.m. i heard one motivation or " mutiara kata " in ikimfm . its make me realise why we still do that.

Orang yang TAHU tak semestinya dia SEDAR,tetapi orang yang SEDAR inshaallah dia TAHU 

Some people around us do love us so she/he use their power to give you support and looking forward.
But some of them trying to bring you down .

As long as you believe that everything happens for a reason.
You always have a " Hamas " (semangat) to achieve what you want.

So 24 steps not as simply as we thought.we need to istiqomah #nottoself

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