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Thursday, 15 August 2013


That moment when all students stop a long time to think/write is writing essay.either english or malay.
I just sit 90 darjah while waiting our teacher spread the question paper.
and you know,as a muslim of course we take the right way i.e baca selawat nabi,baca ayat seribu dinar dan ayat2 al-quran untuk tenangkan diri kan.

All of sudden my friend was pass a question and put it above my table.
I was like .. Ya Allah .. ' make my task easy to me ' .. takut kaw

The simplest of instruction " start now ".

At first,I was stuck.I didn't know what to write.I close my eyes and i hope a miracle will come.Then I open my eyes and looked around.I saw people writing and writing.How disturbing! arghhh.please idea .. please come to me .. what are they writing about? I was so worried about writing an awesome story, I pick a topic and went for it.

As soon as my pen started dancing on the paper, it won't stop. Ideas were flowing. In my head words were coming so fast that I couldn't keep up to write all of them sampaikan peribahasa tak pernah ada dalam kamus pun terkeluar sekali. Do you want to what? " seperti orang tersesat di tengah lautan ". apa maksudnya? I just write whatever I want and I got the simile after I'm watching Life of Pie.

1 hour 15 minute was pass and then she said ''okay,put your pen down''

I was like " What? ".. tak sempat semak kot ! of course I didn't say out loud. I don't want to labeled as " You are bad because didn't want to respect a teacher " . no .... please,i don't want it.


I remember when the teacher give us open ended essay question.I remember when a question as simple as a word. ( primary school )

" Family ".

That's it.That was the question! How beautiful such a question was.I feel like there are no limitation to what I can write. Ye memang sampaikan 10 adik beradik aku ada,semua 10 orang tu aku masukkan dalam essay.
I was write 3 pages I guess and it doesn't finish yet.banyak kan but the essay was so nonsense.

That was one of the very few instances when I really ejoy doing my schoolwork.

"Tap into the wildness of your brain. That's where the good stuff is." (John Currie)


FarhanahAdzlan said...

biasanya kalau kita dah start menulis baru idea datang mencurah..klau kita fikir baru nak tulis memang kelauttlahh jadinya haha

Atikah Isa said...

So true :)