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Monday, 30 September 2013

Teaching is part of learning

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all readers yang sporting !

Wow, weather is so hot these days and the first thing that i'll looking after back from school is H20 (water).
Ya Allah, I can't bear with this situation. My face turn red and my tekak also tersangkut and i hate to bring handkerchieve to school ! for reward : Muka akan tambah banyak bintik2 because bacteria in hand.sebab bila nak lap muka mesti guna tangan.

Okay . forget about that.

Teaching is part of learning.
 Surely those who always believe that every single thing that they does with sincere,Allah will reward them.

Guys, If someone hate you. Always trying to bring you down but his/her effort are not worked. It is because Allah with you,save you. Take it as motivation and to push harder.

Recently, my ex-senior was missing and Alhamdulillah she was come back. Feel so happy to hear :')
For conclusion, don't go out alone especially at night. Nowadays, pagi pun boleh jadi aim to kidnap. Hairan betul la.

So, no matter how hard you walk in this journey.Allah always there with you.
the more you learning, the more you get benefits .


Sally Samsaiman said...

As long as we remember Allah, we will be at ease :)

Atikah Isa said...

Itu pasti Sally :) hehehe